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Featured Work


It’s all about you!

Sometimes you run full speed through a field, and sometimes you sit at home pondering your existence, sometimes talking for hours on end and sometimes you just sit quietly in each others presence.

You’re a real couple with a story. It’s not perfect but it’s real. It’s taken sacrifice and commitments, hard work and dedication to get here. Now you’ve come to this chapter in your story.

I don’t just want to tell the story of one day, I want to tell the story of who you are.

It’s an alternative and different approach to wedding films.

I want to craft something with you, getting to your realness and your story and telling it in a really unique way that represents who you are.

Let’s have a chat…

And now a brief little paragraph about us…

First of all we are not a we…
We is me.

I am Lelanie, and I am passionate filmmaker, I love the narrative and I love the cinematics. I love my camera and I absolutely love this job.

I craft these films as a creative challenge and for that reason I do only a couple of these weddings each season. This is to give me enough time to dedicate my whole being into creating something unique and real for you.

Other Creative Projects

I also specialize in creating creative and conceptually driven films and videos for anybody that has a story they want to tell.

Music videos, corporate or small business, personal or professional, I’ve done it all.
We aim to push the boundaries of what video can do and if you have any inquiries related to a project you want me to be a part of, please send me a direct email.



“The more you love, the more love you have to give. It’s the only feeling we have which is infinite…”



So let’s talk about packages and pricing. Our motto is less is more… meaning that the less weddings we do, the more time we get to put into those that we do book. Giving you a product that we are proud of and that makes your goosebumps get goosebumps, well that takes time and that’s what we’re selling here.


Time for us to get to know you, time for you to enjoy your wedding and time for us to create something spectacular together.

For us, this means that we only do a limited amount of weddings per season so that we can take our time to craft your perfect story.

This makes our service quite an exclusive one…

We have some set out packages that we can send to you but we are all about creating something unique and curated for you.
Send us a message and we can chat about what you have in mind.


Travel is pretty much all we do. With 6 countries done and dusted in 2019 alone, we are keen to keep up the pace!! Take us to where your dreams are!

Our International rates start at USD3500. International weddings are custom quoted to your location as flights and accommodation rates differ from country to country.

Peak international season for us is during May-September and our travel rates are lower because odds are we are already overseas…



Leave us a message here with all of your information and we will get back to you as soon as possible.
If we haven’t replied in 48 hours please mail us directly at

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