So let’s talk about packages and pricing. Our motto is less is more… meaning that the less weddings we do, the more time we get to put into those that we do book. Giving you a product that we are proud of and that makes your goosebumps get goosebumps, well that takes time and that’s what we’re selling here.


Time for us to get to know you, time for you to enjoy your wedding and time for us to create something spectacular together.

For us, this means that we only do a limited amount of weddings per season so that we can take our time to craft your perfect story.

Truth time.

Local, meaning within 300km from Pretoria, weddings start at R19 000.

Anywhere outside of that,  but still in South Africa, qualifies as destination, these start at R24 000.

Both include all travel costs, but we will need you to arrange accommodation if the location is far away, to keep all your footage safe until we can get back home at a reasonable hour.


We also love to travel and our International rates that start at $3000, international weddings are custom quoted to your location as flights and accommodation rates differ from country to country.